Fat Freezing, whether by a host of any devices like Coolsculpting or Zimmer, is a body sculpting treatment that really needs no introduction. It is based on the concept of Cryolipolysis. It was discovered that fat deposits can be destroyed simply by freezing and thawing the fat cells. After much research on human safety and efficacy came the concept of fat freezing.





Each treatment of Fat Freezing involves first applying suction to the treatment area.



The machine then gradually and painlessly extracts the heat out of the area until it is completely frozen



The whole process takes one hour per treatment area. The treatment is painless throughout and surrounding tissues like the skin, muscles and nerves are not affected



After each treatment, there is a mild soreness in the treateed areas which can last for up to 2 weeks.

This soreness only very rarely needs pain medication and actually corresponds to a well documented inflammatory reaction within the fat layer that happens before apoptosis of the fat cells. Put simply, you know the area is going to shrink when you feel the soreness.

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Of course Cryolipolysis isn’t as simple as just freezing fats. The exact algorithm for the freezing and thawing sequence is highly researched by various manufacturers to deliver a predictable and consistent 20%-30% reduction in fat cells of the areas treated after a single treatment. Most other fat freezing devices in the market are not pedigree like Zimmer or Coolsculpting. They are mainly hasty copies of the original R&D.
Our clinic at Novena Medical Centre is equipped with Wifi and has 3 private rooms available for Fat Freezing and various other services. The clinic is conveniently located above the Novena MRT, so our patients can come in for a bit of discrete zapping and immediately continue with their shopping or meetings straight after.



Treatments will be designed by our doctors to optimize results for each patient’s needs. It may need a combination of several treatments on various areas. The prices will range from $600 to $3,000 for the abdomen and flanks, for example.

The larger applicator treats an area twice the size of the smaller ones but for the same amount of time. It saves a lot of time and is very useful for men who have large bellies.

The newest iterations of Fat Freezing can go round corners hitherto impossible and the miniature Fat Freezing applicators specialize in the double chin and “bra strap fats”.


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